What we do

Omnik Limited are a plastic film extrusion company, with over 25 years experience. The main facets of the company are: extrusion, printing, and converting film into bags. At Omnik Limited, we can be extrude polyethylene into film ranging from a thickness of 3 – 300 microns or more. Printing can be done on all types of film, using either gravure or flexographic printing methods. Film can be converted into bags of various micro to macro sizes.

Shopping bags (Poly bags)
Liquid Packaging
Greenhouse Film
Agricultural Film
Construction Film
Bread bags
Resealable Bags
Chin chin
Pure water film (Nylon)
Singlet bags
Garbage bags
Laundry bags
Bank currency carry bags
Santana film
Shrink Packaging
Side sealing bags
Diaper bags
Bottom sealing bags